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Hemp Yeah, One of the best supplements.

As I mentioned in my last discussion post, I am following a high protein diet. Also being a pescatarian, getting enough protein for my nutrition and fitness goals is difficult. I am currently targeting 200 grams of protein out of a total of 1810 total cals per day. If students recall from a previous chapter [1], there is 4 calories per gram of protein … thus 800 calories from protein. To make this easy for me, I leverage myfitnesspal for tracking. Here is how the rest of the macro’s breakdown [2].

A good whey protein supplement [3] is a staple for me because it has high grams of protein (31 grams) with an 8oz glass of water is very easy. Recent studies are showing that to live longer, we should be getting protein from plants and not meat. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine, “new analysis, conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, found that people who ate a lot of animal protein had a higher-than-average risk of dying over the next few decades, especially if they favored processed red meat over fish or poultry. Those who ate more plant-based protein, on the other hand, had a lower-than-average risk of death.” [4]

Getting enough of the right protein was not the only challenge I faced with my nutrition plan, the other was fiber. According to [5], 25 grams of fiber per day is recommended for a 2000 calorie diet for adults. Fiber helps promote health by lowering cholesterol, controls blood sugar level, helps maintaining a healthy weight, and help you live longer. [6]

Now the question, is there a supplement that can help me achieve both my protein and fiber goals? Yes, there is. It is Hemp Yeah by Manitoba Harvest. [7]

Hemp Yeah is arguably one of the best supplements on the market today. It literally ticks all the boxes you would want ticked. Here is the breakdown of this supplement:

• 15 grams of protein with all essential amino acids

• 8 grams of fiber

• 2 grams of omegas 3&6

• 1 plant-based ingredient hemp

• Non-GMO verified

• Organic

• Vegan

• Paleo

• Keto

• Kosher

• Soy Free

• All from a B-Corp certified company

Wondering what a B-Corp certified company is? A topic for another discussion but I would highly recommend you look to conduct more business with these types of corporations.

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