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Happy New Year's Resolution for 2022!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

A new year with another promise to yourself to get fit and you smartly chose MindFit Group 3 month transformation journey to help you achieve success! Awesome!

With only 1 week to go in my first 3 month journey, I thought I would share the top three things that helped me get to my target weight. (I weighed in this morning only 1 pound away :)

  1. Just follow the plan laid out by MindFitness Group! To help with this I recommend setting a specific time in the day that you will complete your workout. I chose to get up an hour earlier and workout first thing in the morning.

  2. Track your calories! As they say, you don't know what you don't measure. I leveraged Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | to track what I ate everyday. You would be surprised how many calories you will consume in a day without thinking about it. MyFitness pal helped me on those days when I wanted to snack at night as well as eliminate the empty calories that you get from liquids.

  3. Take great progress pictures along the way. This is something I did not do and now regret. Make sure you take a weekly picture(s) in the same place and same poses week to week.

Have a great healthy and fit 2022 everyone.

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