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4 game changing steps to Health and Fitness

One thing nutrition has taught me over the years is that nearly 95% of people just don’t stick to any nutrition program for much time.

Diet hacks, fat loss marketing schemes, magic pills, you name it – it’s just not possible forever.

These are the 4 game-changing steps I’ve used in my own life to ensure I am putting my Health and Wellness first.

1. Choosing to make this a lifestyle

Looking for shortcuts led me through cycles of self-sabotage, bad relationships with food, extreme dieting, and so much more. I’m sure many can relate or at least know someone that does. It was time to invest in myself for the long haul because I was sick of failing.

2. Tracking food intake

I knew my financial budget but what about the "wellness" budget? This meant learning my calories maintenance, recommended protein, carbohydrates, and fat requirement.

A rough estimate for calculating maintenance calories for a moderately active person is multiplying body weight in pounds by 15 (you roughly need 15 calories per pound of your body weight to maintain your current weight) [1].

3. Enough Protein

Those hours spent in the gym and the hard-earned muscle gains WILL be sacrificed without an emphasis on sufficient daily protein. This is where the real physical results are made or sacrificed. Sufficient protein aids our recovery, sleep quality, fat loss and overall body composition.

4. Overthinking it

Get out of your way and stop being your worst enemy. Don’t forget our end goal is always sustainability. Being kind to ourselves, aiming for balance and finding peace in this process is the ideal option to this win.

Improvements, not perfection and evolving is the plan to come out the best version of YOU!

You are next get started now!

[1] - Shaziya Allarakha, MD, “How to calculate calorie deficit”, 10/7/2021 / Accessed Jan 16th. 2022

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