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About MindFit Group

Making a Positive Impact

Losing weight and getting in shape shouldn’t be a chore. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. By utilizing the resources of multidisciplinary health professionals, we are able to bring the most efficient, custom nutrition and training programs to our clients so they can achieve results they may never have thought possible. It is important to us to focus not only on our clients’ physical transformations, but to ensure they’re achieving their optimal state of wellbeing. We truly believe that success in life is directly affected by the success of your wellbeing; body, mind and soul. Our coaches have helped so many busy professionals gain the confidence and learn the skills necessary to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that has transformed their lives for the better.

What We Do


Nutrition is the most essential ingredient to achieving your wellness goals. Your coach will work with our nutritionist to develop a totally customized meal plan that fits your needs and will help you lose weight and gain the lean muscle you desire. 


Following a basic exercise plan is good, but following an exercise plan that is custom created in collaboration with your meal plan, experience level, and goals is GREAT. This is when you will truly begin to achieve the results you never have before. 


We understand that the hardest part of getting fit is getting started. That’s why our coaches are here to push and motivate you towards your goals by setting targets and monitoring your progress. Every week you are expected to check-in with your coach whose support is available 24/7. Remember, your success is our success, so if you set a goal, we’ll make sure you achieve it! 

FREE Workout sessions

Stuck at home wondering how to stay fit with minimal equipment?

Every weekday at 5:30am EST you can follow our free workout sessions on our live Instagram story.

Client Testimonials

Could this be you?


Clara B.

“I started my weight loss journey back in 2016. I got a gym membership, hired a personal trainer and decreased my food intake. After 3 month, I lost maybe 8 pounds and was so frustrated. Then, a good friend referred me to an online coach who gave me a workout plan and meal plan tailored to my body type. I had to check in with him every week so he could see my progress and amend my plan to maximize my metabolism's efficiency. In 3 months I lost 32 pounds! My coach held me accountable and helped me reach my goals. I only had to trust the process and it worked. I've lost 40 pounds and counting and couldn’t be more grateful. Having a coach in my corner during my transformation journey not only helped me reach my physical goals, but helped me become the healthiest, most confident and successful version of myself! Thank you MindFit!” 

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